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An Alabama Air National Guard F-16C captured on the top-side of a loop in Dec 2003 during a training mission over Mississippi. Then aircraft is assigned to the 187th FW, 160th FS "Dixie Demolition" at Mongtomery, Alabama.

© Greg L Davis
Nikon F5 K64 250/F8
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Pilots of a KT-1 Wongbee can be see through the propeller arc as they turn toward the runway. The KT-1s pictured are assigned to the 217th Air Training Squadron, 3rd Air Training Wing at Sacheon, Republic of Korea.
Nikon F5 Ektachrome 100SW 125/F11
The 79th Fighter Squadron Commanders aircraft shows off its new Tiger Meet of the America's markings and a mixed weapons load for the camera. This photo was taken on the jets first flight after the TMOTA markings were applied . Probably one of my favourite 'jet' shots because I was able to get he jet perfectly positioned on the horizon to show the vertical climb aspect while showing the tail markings and weapons load. Shot from an F-16DJ. (Official USAF)
Nikon F5 K64 250/F8
UH-1H assigned to the 459th Airlift Squadron flies over a snowy forest near Mount Fuji, Japan.
Nikon F5 K64 250/F8
Tom Delashaw streaks over a Tennessee forest in a F-104C of the Starfighters Demo Team. Photographed from an F-104G in the early evening during an airhow practice/local orientation flight.
Nikon F5 K64 125/F8
Bill Reesman flies a MiG-17F over dark Atlantic waters off the Virgina coast during an airshow practice/local orientation flight. This shot appeared in Air & Space Smithsonian magazine to help illustrate an article on foreign aircraft on the Airshow circuit. Photographed from a Learjet.
Nikon F5 K64 60/F8
C-130H 64-0520 captured in a hard turn over the forests of South Carolina near McEntire ANGB. The C-130 is assigned to the 169th Fighter Wing as the units support aircraft. This particular aircraft is a veteran of the Vietnam War and the C-130s crew have pictures of it from that time-frame. The South Carolina ANG is made up of the 169th Fighter Wing, 157th Fighter Squadron based at McEntire ANGB in Eastover, S.C.
Nikon F5 K64 125/F8
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Like most photographers my age who shoot airplanes, I fell into it as an extension of my love for flying and airplanes in general. Growing up in Tx, I was lucky enough to live under the flight pattern that took the RF-4s from Bergstrom AFB, TX over my house as they climbed up and headed toward West Texas for low-level runs. What really got me hooked was my Grandfather taking me to the End of Runway (EOR) viewing area at Bergstrom and watching the Phantom IIs taxiing by and then taking off. The roar was tremendous and I was hooked. (I wish I had taken my camera on those outings)

By the time I was in high school I started to get serious about photography and met up with a pilot in the TX ANG who 'introduced'
me to the TX ANGs F-16As along with permission to shoot them. Within three months of graduating high school I was flying in a USAF T-37 Tweet for a magazine story on the newly introduced T-1A Jayhawk and my aviation photography career was definately off the ground.

I was an official USAF Aerial Photographer (Combat Camera) for over 8 years and was very lucky to have seen and done things most people only dream about. However, I recently left the USAF to spend more time with my wife and to shoot for aviation magazines and aircraft manufacturers.

Almost 15 years after shooting my first serious airplane pics I find that my focus is on shooting exciting aerial photos that document the people and machines in-action for readers worldwide.

Greg L. Davis

All photos © Greg L Davis