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F-4F Phantom II 38-49 from JG-71. The opportunity to shoot 'Double Ugly' up close made the trip to Oxfordshire well worthwhile for this photographer.
© Peter Greengrass
EOS-1N 28-70mm K64 250/f8
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216 Sqn operators of RAF Brize Nortons TristarsRAF Brize Norton got back in the Photocall business, after a six year break the base held another of it's popular Photocalls on a sunny Saturday morning in May. Brize has a history of holding good Photocalls, the first I attended was in October 1990. The organization, aircraft placement and several 75th Anniversary schemed RAF aircraft made this event memorable, the only problem was...of course the British weather!

No problems a year later, the weather and the aircraft selection was just perfect - highlights being several sand coloured RAF 'Desert Storm' veterans and two Blue Phantoms - and with RAF Wattisham holding a Photocall on the same day, what more could you ask for. After a year's break June 1993 saw another 'two-event' day, RAF Lakenheath held a Photocall on the final day of an 'Excaliber' exercise and then it was off to Brize in the afternoon. One year later in 1994 Brize held their last Photocall, highlights RAF Herc in the then new Grey scheme and a 'Open Skies' Andover! But as per usual in England in July, the weather was far from ideal.

Which brings us to this years event. As per usual at a Brize Norton Photocall the aircraft were parked 'side-on' and at10 Sqn operate VC10's from Brize 50mm lens distance (Which is always nice!) and as mentioned earlier the weather 'played ball' as well. So what else did we need?...Aircraft of course and boy did we get them...Tiger schemed F-16's (three of them) two F-14's, an all pink German Tornado and the highlight for me was a mission marked Israeli AF F-16!..... Yeah you've guessed right..NONE of these turned up.

What did turnup was mainly RAF aircraft of various types and a small European contingent (German AF The second of Brize Nortons VC10 operators is 101 SqnTornado/Phantom and the Belgium AF sent a couple of SF-260MB's and an Alpha Jet) Among the 'home-sides' aircraft were several Tornado's including the highlight, an F.3 from the Falklands based 1435 Flight. Also very nice to photograph was the BAe-125 and Twin Squirrel from 32(TR) Squadron. Also making an appearance was the newest aircraft type in the RAF inventory, a C-130J Hercules from Lyneham. There were some strange non-appearances, No Jaguar's or Hawks but as in every other event like this 'Operational commitments' will always play a part.

So all in all a very enjoyable day, the opportunity to photograph military aircraft in almost perfect conditions is always a pleasure, so a big thank you goes to the organizers for arranging this Photocall. Hopefully we'll get a another chance next year.

One of the highlights for this photographer was the chance to photograph the 'Royal Flight' aircraft. Squirrel HCC.1 ZH141 is one of two Twin Squirrels operated by 32 (TR) Squadron based at RAF Northolt.
EOS-1N 50mm K64 250/F8
One of three Belgium Air Force aircraft to make it to Brize was this colourful Alpha Jet (AT05) from 1 Wing based at Beauvechain AB.
EOS-1N 28-70mm K64 250/F8
Tornado ECR 46-43 from Lechfeld based Jbg-32. The ECR stands for Electronic Combat Reconnaissance. Jbg-32 are the only Luftwaffe unit to operate this type.
EOS-3 28-70mm K64 200/F8
The parking of the aircraft at Brize Photocalls has always been superb, throw in a bit of sunshine and you've got a great photo opportunity in the making. Tornado F3 ZE734/GB from 43 Squadron.
EOS-1N 28-70mm K64 200/F8
The Lockheed C-130J is designated Hercules C.4 in RAF service. Based at RAF Lyneham with the LTW (Lyneham Transport Wing). The wing started to receive these new 'Hercs' in late 1999 with the final aircraft expected to be delivered by 2001.
EOS-3 50mm K64 200/F8
An unexpected surprise was this Tornado F.3 from the Falklands based 1435 Flight. Operated from Mount Pleasant, the Flight has 4 Tornado's for the air defence of the Islands.
EOS-3 28-70mm K64 200/F8
Carrying the the 'RAF College' blue band is this example of the Dominie T.1 which is used for the training of RAF Navigators. Based at RAF Cranwell and operated by 3 FTS, 55 (R) Squadron.
EOS-1N 50mm K64 250/F8

Tristar C.2 ZE705 from Brize's home based 216 Squadron. This is one of two dedicated transport versions operated by 216 Sqn. The unit also operates several of the dual role (Transport & Refuelling) K.1/KC.1 variants.
EOS-1N 28-70mm K64 250/F8

The other 32 (TR) Sqn aircraft present was this BAe 125 CC.3 ZE396. The TR in the squadron designation stands for 'The Royal' which the unit received after their amalgamation with the 'Queens Flight' in 1995.
EOS-1N 50mm K64 250/F8
The Belgium AF took first place for the most colourful aircraft present. SMIA SF.260D, ST44 was one of two of these training aircraft attending. Operated by 5 Smaldeel (Squadron).
EOS-1N 28-70mm K64 250/F8
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Report:Peter Greengrass
Photos:Peter Greengrass
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