The F-4 Phantom II Society held their annual Phantom Convention at Tyndall AFB, Florida on the 22nd and 23rd of October 1998. If you’re interested in shooting aircraft in good conditions, i.e. NO TOURISTS or CONES!! then you need to get yourself signed up with the F-4 society. The event is much more than shooting aircraft in great conditions, our PHANCON '97 page will give you an idea of what a Phancon is all about, this year's event was held at NAS Point Mugu in October 1999 (Check out our two reports on this years event).
F-15A 77-0087 from the 101st FS/102ndFW, Massachusetts Air National Guard based at Otis ANGB
© Peter Greengrass
EOS-1N 70-200mm K64 250/f8
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F-4F 72-1129 assigned to the 20th FS out of Holloman AFB, Nevada.
EOS-1N 28-80mm K25 200/F5.6
Awaiting it's next mission QF-4G 69-7286 operated by the 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron
EOS-1N 28-80mm K25 200/F5.6
QF-4E 67-0343 an  ex New Jersey ANG Phantom still with it's Tiger nose marks.
EOS-1N 28-80mm K25 200/F5.6
QF-4G 69-0277 another ex 57 FW aircraft.
EOS-1N 28-80mm K25 200/F5.6
Standing out amongst the gray's of the other drones is QF-4E 66-0388 in European-One scheme.
EOS-1N 28-80mm K25 200/F5.6
Full frame shot of our cover aircraft preparing for a mission. F-15A 77-0087 101FS/102 FW
EOS-1N 70-200mm K64 250/F8
A Specially marked  ex Nellis based QF-4G 69-7295
EOS-1N 28-80mm K25 160/F8
QF-4G 69-7300 taxing out for a morning mission over the Gulf of Mexico.
EOS-1N 28-80mm K25 200/F5.6
QF-4G 69-7557 sitting in the sun at the Drone holding area nicknamed the "Swamp"
EOS-1N 28-80mm K25 200/F5.6
RF-4C 66-0383 stored after damaging its landing gear after a mission.
EOS-1N 28-80mm K25 200/F5.6
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Report:Peter Greengrass
Photos:Peter Greengrass