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BaseVisit # 14
Return to Alex - Hawgsmoke 2004
  An indepth look at the bi-annual A-10 competition held last year at the former England AFB, now ALexandria IAP.
TWTD # 04 9 September 2007
Coronets, Crested Caps & Salty Bees
  USAF Fighter Deployments to Europe since 1970.
BaseVisit # 13
Queen's Birthday Flypast 2004
  Kevin Jackson flys with the RAF during this years Birthday Flypast over London.
BaseVisit # 12
Tiger Meet Of The Americas 2003
  We braved the cold at Cold Lake to bring you this look at this second North American styled Tiger Meet...

Sharpshooter is a web based journal of military aviation photography and features.

The journal has been established by a small group of UK based photographers, to provide an informative and high quality web site offering coverage of the contemporary military aviation scene. The site will specialize in coverage of the military air arms of the United Kingdom and the United States of America, but also of European, NATO and other forces whenever possible. Photo articles will include reports on exercises, deployments, photo events and base visits, in addition to features on individual squadrons, colours and markings, and comprehensive aircraft type operator run downs.

With the air arms of 2000 considerably downsized from those of the early 1990s and before, it is also hoped to offer in depth retrospective features, covering deployments, units and bases from those days of more plentiful flying and more colourful schemes and markings. Through our own extensive slide collections, and those of fellow photographers and other sources, we have a considerable archive of never before seen material, and hope to be able to share these images with all who share an interest in this fascinating field.

We would also be happy to receive material for possible inclusion in these pages (see OP's Board below). Contact us with an outline of your AAR mission flightplan!, or photo-feature idea and we'll get back to you.

Coronet Mast
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With a final salute, a 23rd Fighter Group A-10A heads for the runway at Alexandria IAP and home, after competing in Hawgsmoke 2004.
© Peter Greengrass
EOS-1V 28-70mm K64 250/f8
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2nd August 2004 BaseVisit #13 Queen's Birthday Flypast
9th March 2004 BaseVisit #12 TMOTA 2003
10th January 2004 Portfolio #12 Greg L Davis
2nd November 2003 TWTD #04 Coronet,
Crested Caps & Salty Bees
25th May 2003 Portfolio #01 Kevin Jackson UPDATE
14th May 2003 BaseVisit #11 Operation TELIC
2nd February 2003 BaseVisit #10 Tiger Meet - Beja 2002
2nd December 2002 Portfolio #11 Kevin Wills
4th November 2002 UNIT 02-05 Hawkeyes
19th May 2002 Portfolio #10 David FBrown
8th May 2002 UNIT02-03 Indiana Racers
4th May 2002 UNIT02 I AM THE GUARD
OP's Board
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Feature and Photo* submissions are always welcome. As this is a voluntary and non profit making organization we can not pay for any articles/photos but hopefully the satisfaction of seeing your work published on the World wide web! will be payment enough!!

As a guide to picking a topic please have a look at our Departments section below.

Sections available for submissions are -

Photo Shoot - Basevisits/Portfolio
Photo Intel - Profile/Those were the Days/Units

Please contact us first via e-mail with a rough outline of your proposed article. In return we will send you an e-mail detailing our requirements i.e. Photo/Scan formats, caption data etc.

We look forward to hearing from you...

* At this time we cannot use individual photos and/or scans.

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